What is a Lotto System?


What is a Lotto System?

A lotto system allows players to play more numbers on their ticket than are drawn in a particular lottery game, giving them a better chance of matching the winning line and claiming the jackpot.

For instance, playing a System 10 allows you to pick ten numbers on Oz Lotto, where there are seven balls drawn, and means that you essentially play every permutation of seven different numbers from the ten.

By playing a number of different entries, it also means that just by matching some of the winning numbers you are likely to benefit from accruing multiple lower division prizes. However, the advantages have to be off-set against the increased expense of the ticket. Matching a few or all of the winning line will maximise your prizes, but matching none of the balls drawn will prove costly. That is why lotto syndicates are great option to reduce the cost of tickets.

There is also the option to play fewer than the seven numbers. For example, you can increase your chances of winning the Division One prize for Oz Lotto by selecting fewer numbers on a system entry. In this instance, you would pick fewer numbers, with the rest of the line consisting of entries guaranteed to be part of the winning line. The price of the ticket is significantly increased, but your chances of winning a share of millions of dollars are hugely improved.

A system includes all combinations that can be generated from a set of numbers a player picks, and therefore guarantees a first division prize if all of the drawn numbers are within the player’s set of numbers. Moreover, it also guarantees a certain number of lower divisions’ prizes.

The only drawback with playing systems is they become fairly expensive with increasing the size of the set of the player’s chosen numbers. An individual player who wishes to play a system with 10 numbers in a pick 6 lottery game ( Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto or Saturday Lotto ) will have to play 210 combinations, while a system with 15 numbers in the same lottery will require 5005 combinations which significantly increases the cost. 

However, playing larger systems within a group of other players gives a great option to reduce the cost of tickets. 



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