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Where else can a few dollars investment magically be transformed into millions of dollars overnight?

As with any investment, the higher the potential reward, the greater the risk. That is why the odds against winning have to be astronomical.

This is the nature of the game. Lottery players take the high risk because the ultimate payoff can be a lifetime of leisure and luxury.

But, let’s face it, how many times have we tried to hit a lottery jackpot?

How often did we dream to spot a winning combination?

How close have we been to our dream?

We must admit that only for some of us the Lady Luck gives her smile.

But what about the majority of players, who keep hunting those phantom numbers on their own without any luck for years?
What should they do?

There is a solution – to unite.

Unite, in order to win.

The idea behind establishing our club is to unify single warriors into a powerful legion that is able to beat the high odds of a lottery game.

Statistically jackpots are being won significantly more often by groups of people who pool their money.

No doubt, they would agree it is better to win SOMETHING than a whole lot of NOTHING!

Only together can we trap those elusive winning numbers!

How? Let’s take an example.

Just imagine a net. A wide net, no matter, a fishing one or a spider web.

We can compare it to a playslip with a half of the numbers marked.

The wider a net, the more fish or bugs will stuck into it.

Similarly, the more numbers covered in a playslip, the higher chances to get those winning numbers amongst them.

That is how it works when the biggest system, like System 20, is in use.

It goes without saying, a ticket of system 20 is too expensive to be purchased by an individual.

That is why a syndicate, a large group of players, have an advantage over the others by pooling their funds.

Now that we have learned what kind of tool we use to catch the BIG ONE, let’s get to know how we select those numbers that are, in many occasions, going to be winners.

As we know, lottery drawings are random.

But randomly drawn numbers form the so-called “patterns” that are to a certain extent PREDICTABLE!

Leading scientists and mathematicians have discovered that there are patterns in randomness. And through advanced technology they have found that there is order in chaos!

Thus, our number selection is based on advanced methods of analysing patterns to predict winning combinations in upcoming lottery draws.

We, the administration of the club and our growing group of lottery enthusiasts from many countries, unconditionally believe that winning a big one is possible if you take it seriously.

That is why we have established our club – the home for like-minded people who want to improve their winning chances.

We have named our new born club “OctopuZ” ( O&Z stand for Aussie) because we want to be like this amazing creature – to have a lot of hands to help each other to make it happen: to win lottery prizes on continuing basis!

That’s why we want YOU to join us to be a part of the powerful body.

Welcome to the Club and let’s play BIG together!

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