Terms and Conditions


1.1. This terms and conditions conduct a person’s registration, transactions, subscriptions and participation in the OctopuZ Lotto Club’s programs.

1.2.Individuals acknowledge, by submitting a membership application, that they have read, understood and accept, and that they will be bound by, all of these Terms and Conditions. Individuals must ensure they read these Terms and Conditions carefully.


2.1. A person must meet the minimum age requirement for gambling in order to join OctopuZ Lotto Club. The minimum age requirement for joining OctopuZ Lotto Club in Australia is 18 years. However the minimum age may be greater than 18 years in any other country / jurisdiction.

2.2. When a person submits an application for registration, they warrant that they are legally entitled to apply for registration, to deposit funds with The Lucky Planet to purchase Entry for OctopuZ Lotto Club, and to receive winnings from The Lucky Planet through OctopuZ Lotto Club; and that their registration, deposit of funds and receipt of winnings from The Lucky Planet through OctopuZ Lotto Club will not in any way violate any applicable laws of their location or place of residence, domicile or nationality.

2.3. A person may only make application for registration as a Member:

if they are an individual person (OctopuZ Accounts will only be opened in the names of individuals);

if they are at least 18 years of age;

if they are not currently excluded or blocked as a Member for any reason; and

where such registration and the opening of an OctopuZ Account does not contravene any laws applicable in their location or place of residence, domicile or nationality.

2.4. The Lucky Planet relies upon each person’s warranty when it accepts a person’s application for registration, opens an OctopuZ Account, accepts deposit of funds, and pays a Member any winnings. Each Member indemnifies The Lucky Planet from any loss arising from a breach of this warranty or this warranty being incorrect.

2.5. The Lucky Planet has the right to exclude or block any member, not renew their membership, or refuse a membership if a member has acted in a way that detriments The Lucky Planet’s conduct of OctopuZ Lotto Club (including but not limited to, publishing offensive material on the Lucky Planet’s website, manipulating the system in any way to avoid payment, etc).


3.1. To register, eligible individuals must visit www.octopuzlottoclub.com.au, follow the prompts to the registration page, input the requested details and submit. Individuals must also nominate a username and password in order to login to the OctopuZ Website. Members are not able to join OctopuZ Lotto Club via any other method. OctopuZ Lotto Club hosts one registration page for eligible individuals to apply for membership. Only one (1) account is allowed to be opened under a member’s name.

3.2. A person will automatically become a Member of OctopuZ Lotto Club upon submission of the membership application form and payment of their membership fee. However, The Lucky Planet has the right to review/approve any suspect membership applications in its absolute discretion. Individuals who are successfully registered will receive a welcome email to the email address submitted at the time of registration.

3.3. Members will be able to purchase Entries (shares) and join OctopuZ Syndicates through the OctopuZ Lotto Club Website.

3.4. Upon submission of an application for registration, The Lucky Planet will open an OctopuZ Account in the applicant’s name and allocate their own OctopuZ Personal Number (OPN), and then the Member will be able to purchase Entries (shares) for a Lottery Game.

3.5. The Lucky Planet do not independently verify whether a person is legally entitled to make application for registration as a Member, to make purchases from OctopuZ Lotto Club, or to make deposits to an OctopuZ Account. When The Lucky Planet accepts a membership application for registration, opens an OctopuZ Account or accepts offers from a Member for purchases/deposits, The Lucky Planet relies upon the Member’s warranty that they are legally entitled in their jurisdiction to register with OctopuZ Lotto Club, to open an OctopuZ Account, to deposit funds with OctopuZ Lotto Club, and to make purchases from OctopuZ Lotto Club.


4.1. When a Member makes application for registration, they will be required to nominate an OctopuZ Account password. Members are encouraged to choose a strong password and to avoid passwords that would be easy to guess (e.g., birthdates, simple sequences of numbers, dictionary words, names, etc.).

4.2. Each Member must enter their correct email address and password in order to access their OctopuZ Account.

4.3. It is each Member’s responsibility to ensure that no other person makes purchases using their registration details on the OctopuZ Website. Members must not disclose their password to anyone. Members will be responsible for any use of their OctopuZ Account by any other person and The Lucky Planet expressly disclaims liability in this regard. If a Member believes or suspects that their password may be known to someone else, the Member must change their password immediately by accessing their OctopuZ Account or, if they are unable to access their OctopuZ Account, contact The Lucky Planet Pty Ltd immediately.


5.1. Members may edit their personal details and payment details at any time by logging into their OctopuZ Account and following the prompts.

5.2. Members are required to update their personal details and contact information recorded in their OctopuZ Account promptly whenever this information changes.


6.1. Purchases cannot be made by telephone, direct email, mail or in any other manner, other than via the OctopuZ Website.

6.2. Membership Fees and Entries are not refundable and membership is not transferrable. Members are not permitted to purchase Entries on behalf of others, or to resell any Entries issued by OctopuZ Lotto Club.

6.3. Payment of an Entry (share) may only be made via PayPal payments on the Member’s OctopuZ Account.

6.4.  Payment must be received by the Cut-Off Time which is 12 am of AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) three days prior a lottery game draw, to receive entry into that week’s chosen Lotto Syndicate. If payment is received after the Cut-Off Time for the week, the Member will instead be entered into the following week’s Lotto Syndicate.

6.5. The number and type of system tickets to be purchased within each syndicate is determined by the number of entries (shares) in the chosen syndicate. If after purchasing tickets there is a remaining amount of the pool then it is calculated in accordance with the number of entries (shares) and allocated to members’ OctopuZ Accounts along with their succeeding allocation of winning.

6.6. If the Octopuz Website, computer system or lottery provider’s ticket system experiences any form of malfunction during a Member’s Subscription purchase or money/credit withdrawal, or during the OctopuZ Website’s confirmation of its acceptance of a Member’s Subscription purchase/entry into Lotto Syndicate, and The Lucky Planet (owner and operator of OctopuZ Lotto Club) are unable to recover or verify the status of the purchase/that Lotto Syndicate entry during data recovery, then such unfinished or interrupted Lotto Syndicate entries will be deemed void. Any necessary adjustments will be made to the Lotto Syndicate entry/entries if The Lucky Planet reasonably suspects or knows that the OctopuZ computer system failed to function in the manner in which it was designed and programmed to function.

6.7.  Once a Member has completed the checkout process to purchase an Entry (share), the order is final and cannot be cancelled or amended at the Member’s request in any way.

6.8. If The Lucky Planet is unable to fulfill the relevant Lotto ticket purchases with a lottery provider for any reason whatsoever (including but not limited to the purchaser of tickets being incapacitated due to an accident outside of his/her control, causing a failure to purchase tickets), each Member’s Entry for that given Lotto Game will be refunded into their OctopuZ Account as credit within 24 hours.

6.9. OctopuZ Lotto Club is not liable for any damages, losses or lost winnings that may arise if an offer to purchase is not successfully fulfilled with the lottery providers for any reason beyond the reasonable control of The Lucky Planet.

 6.10. A Lotto Syndicate entry is deemed not to have been successfully lodged with the lottery provider until such time that the Lotto Syndicate entry is confirmed in written either within the Member’s OctopuZ Account or via email to the Member’s email address.

7.Membership Fees & Entry Fees

7.1. Individuals are required to pay Membership Fees in full and upfront upon their registration unless a promotion is offered.

7.2. If after registration a member fails, by any reason, to pay Membership Fees, their registration is then considered as uncompleted and the Member will not be able to purchase Entries (shares) until the payment is made.

7.3. A member is to be aware of, and to agree on existence of Entry Fees (AUD 3) added to the cost of a share of a System ticket purchased by The Lucky Planet.

8.Allocation of winnings

8.1. Winnings are automatically calculated and equally divided amongst a game participants in accordance with a number of shares purchased in that game, and allocated to members’ nominated Paypal accounts.

8.2. A member is to be aware of, and to agree on the fact that the administration of the OctopuZ Lotto Club reserves the right to retain ten percent ( 10 % ) of the division one prize in each lottery game.

9.Referral Program

9.1. A Member who refers / invites four new members to the club receives a cash reward – AUD 10.

9.2. The reward will be credited and can be used for weekly game purchasing. 

10.Extra Winning Bonus

10.1.Upon their registration a Member is allocated their own number (OctopuZ Personal Number – OPN) from the range of 20 numbers.

10.2. Every time when the OPN is matched with a Powerball drawn on Thursday, the Member is rewarded with extra five per cent added to their amount of winning per share.

10.3. Members are entitled to receive the bonus only when they play all the five lottery games on the Play Week prior the Thursday Powerball draw when their OPN was matched.

11.Reward Points Program

11.1. OctopuZ Lotto Club has introduced the Reward Points Program where its members are rewarded with OctopuZ Points every time they play Lottery Games. Their collected points are summed up and redeemed to be used for entry purchasing.

11.2. For each Lottery Game the Members participate in they gain one (1) OctopuZ Point.

11.3. One (1) OctopuZ Point is equal to AUD 0.15.

In a nutshell:

A week’s pool collecting for each game lasts one week and ends three days prior a draw.

  1. MONDAY LOTTO  __________on Friday
  2. OZ LOTTO _______________on Saturday
  3. WEDNESDAY LOTTO _______on Monday
  4. POWERBAL ______________on Tuesday
  5. SATURDAY LOTTO _________on Wednesday

12 am of AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) three days prior a lottery  draw date. See the Entry Closure Timetable.

For your convenience there is a countdown timer on each Syndicate page that shows the time remaining until the cut-off time (entry closure).

There are two options of membership fee to choose from:

  1. AUD 9.90 per month
  2. AUD 89 per year

The cost of one share is AUD 15 for each Lotto Game.

The maximum number of points collected over one calendar year of membership is 260.

Referral reward amount for four new members invited to the club is AUD 10.

The winning amount is equally divided among the participants, according to the number of shares each person bought in the winning game.

This website (and its operator, The Lucky Planet Pty Ltd, ABN 51 623 279 621 trading as OctopuZ Lotto Club) is NOT in any way affiliated with Lotterywest and does NOT have any sponsorship, authority or approval of Lotterywest.



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