No, you can purchase as many, or as few shares, (AUD 15 per share), as you like in each game, each week.

System 20 ticket is every possible combination of any chosen 20 numbers from the field.

For Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto a System 20 ticket gives you 38,760 different six-number combinations with which to play.

For Oz Lotto and Powerball draws, you get 77,520 different seven-number combinations with which to play.
Using the largest systems significantly improves odds (chances) of winning Division One prizes. It also allows you to win multiple times in every draw.

We’ll buy the highest possible ticket in that draw the pool allows for.

Membership fees allow us to create a club fund. This club fund goes back to our members by way of free participation in lottery games, pays for maintenance of our website, and allows us to make contributions to our chosen charity, the Australian Wildlife Society.

2pm, AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) on the day of a lottery game draw.

When a win happens, members are notified about their share of the win the next day. The winning amount is equally divided among the participants, according to the number of shares each person bought in the winning game.

Members can withdraw the winnings any time after the distributed amount has landed in their accounts.

You need to check whether your bank card and bank account linked to your PayPal account are verified or not. If they are not, your payments will not be successful.

Before buying your shares make sure your PayPal email is provided within your Member’s Area. Otherwise we are unable to send your winnings to your PayPal nominated account.



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