Why Us

Why Us

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Why Us

Below is some reasons why you should choose our club as a place to improve your winning chances:



Giving you first class, highly personal service is a big priority here at Octopuz Lotto Club… in fact the only reason we even exist is to serve deserving lotto players like you MORE chances to win.

But your time is valuable, so we don’t like to go on too much about how we became experts in lotto or how clever our entry system is… because all we’re really about is ensuring you get in on the big money winning potential as soon as possible.

OctopuZ Lotto Club is an exclusive lottery syndicate that offers you the thrill of playing BIG – much bigger than you’ll ever be able to afford as an individual.

And remember, when you play BIG, you’re also more likely to win BIG.

Statistically speaking, jackpots are being won more often by groups of people who pool their money.
After years of experimentation and research, we’ve decided to play systems that significantly increases the odds of winning.

Although lotto is ultimately a game of pure chance, there’s something very important you need to know about the odds of you winning:

“It is possible to boost your winning potential – you just need the right system.”

 Luckily for you, you don’t need to search the Internet for solutions or do any calculations, because the brains behind Octopuz Lotto Club have done all the hard work for you.  And now it’s time to share our way of bigger winning with you.

So join our exclusive club as soon as you can to start enjoying BIG member benefits!

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In January 2017 a bunch of Australians were lucky to grab a division 2 prize in Saturday Lotto. 

Not only were they excited about the winning itself.

Their joy stemmed from a fact that it happened to them only a couple of months after they had started playing lotto. The lucky ticket, that brought them the prize, was a system 9.

The mates felt it was time to stretch their wings and try to hit a Big One.

The plan was to buy tickets of larger systems that would cover a larger number field.

( More about Systems you can find on our FAQs page ).

The guys believed this strategy would work its way to hit a jackpot. The only drawback could be the higher cost of those tickets. 

Soon a solution was found – to unite with other people who share the same beliefs. 

As you, dear reader, might have already guessed, those lucky guys are us – the team of the OctopuZ Club administration.

Want to hear about what the cash prize was spent on?

The amount turned to be quite substantial for building a website for our club. The one you are now on – a home for lotto fans who believe that winning jackpots is possible when you combine your efforts with others. 

And if YOU think our club is a good fit for you jump on board by clicking on the JOIN button. And welcome to the Club!

As time goes by, the club’s Member List keeps growing. And it would be really great to see YOU playing Australian lotto games together with us!

And by now we have achieved pretty good results. That’s the power of playing together!

More about what have been achieved you can see by clicking the line below

Though a lottery is a game of pure chance and winning is never guaranteed, utilising certain strategies can bear fruit.

Using different systems, ranging from System 8 to System 15 and combinations of them, allowed us to achieve remarkable results. 

Though we haven’t hit a Division 1 prize yet, in few occasions a Big One was literally a ball away from the goal.

Since March 2017, the time our club  began operating, the most memorable dates of its success are the following:

  • 5 June 2017 – Monday Lotto. Matching five winning numbers in Division 3.
  • 25 October 2017 – Wednesday Lotto. Matching five winning numbers in Division 3.
  • 28 February 2018 – Wednesday Lotto. Matching five winning numbers plus one supplementary number in Division 2.
  • 3 July 2018 – OZ Lotto. Matching six winning numbers in Division 3.
  • 3 December 2018 – Monday Lotto. Matching five winning numbers in Division 3.
  • 4 April 2019 – Powerball. Matching six winning numbers in Division 4.
How You Can Win

How You Can Win

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How You Can Win

Have a look at how you can win big as an Octopuz Lotto Club member:


There are a lot more chances of you winning in a system syndicate, it’s that simple. But you don’t have to take our word for it, search for the statistics online. Proven lotto research and results around the world prove beyond doubt that:

“Jackpots are being won more often by groups of people who pool their money.”

Once you know that, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to syndicates in the hunt for a big lotto win. And the reason so many of them choose Octopuz Lotto Club to help them in their quest, is because they know we have:

“One of the most exciting entry systems, giving you boosted winning potential 5 nights a week!”

We play the following lotto games each week:

It costs AUD 15 to buy one share in a game and you get to choose:

  • Which games you play each week.
  • The number of shares you buy in each game.

How much you can win from any one game depends on how many shares you have in that game.

We aim to play System 20 in every game. This gives us the best statistical chance of winning BIG. If there is not enough money in the pool to play System 20 for the week, we’ll play the highest possible System the pool allows for.

See Our Current Syndicate

From a Member’s side.

  1. Login into your Member’s Area.
  2. Make a selection of your favourite games. 
  3. Choose how many shares you want to buy. 
  4. Make a payment until the cut-off time.
  5. Receive a confirmation email with your receipt. 
  6. If a winning occurs, get paid an amount equal to the number of shares you have bought.

From the admin side.

  1. We receive payments from members until the cut-off time.
  2. We go to a local Lotterywest store to buy a system ticket. 
  3. We scan the ticket and publish it within Members Area. 
  4. As soon as the draw results are known we publish them within Members Area. 
  5. If a winning occurs we send you your share of the win along with a notification email.

For quite a long time we have been receiving emails from our members with suggestions to try playing systems with the same numbers. 

We loved this idea and because we are always keen on experimenting with numbers, we have decided to try this strategy. 

In view of the fact that repeated numbers, coming from previous draws, are not uncommon, we consider the idea a worthy one.

Thus, since the 1st of July 2019  we have been playing combinations of systems with the same numbers.

Fingers are crossed! 

Let’s wait and see what happens next week ☺.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

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Member Benefits

If you want to get in on the action with OctopuZ Lotto Club and maximise your chances to win a share of lotto 1st prize millions, becoming a member is the only way in… and it opens doors to a wonderful world of exclusive VIP benefits.


Your “way in” to win more.  

Joining Octopuz Lotto Club is your “way in” to enjoying our syndicate system that is statistically proven to boost your winning potential.


Claim your big Reward Points.  

As well as boosting your chances at wining a share of lotto millions, each time you play with us you earn cash-value reward points!


VIP bonus winning potential.  

When you join you get a unique membership number and if this number matches the Powerball in any week, you get big time bonus!


Earn cold hard cash bonuses.  

Introduce your friends and family to Octopuz Lotto Club and we’ll give you cold hard cash – for every four new players you get AUD$10!


Know you’re doing your bit.  

Enter with Octopuz Lotto and you know you’re boosting your winning chances, directly helping our chosen charity, the Australian Wildlife Society.


See Our Current Syndicate

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